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High-quality medical center and hospital just for you

Helsinki Hospital is a medical center and private hospital founded by Finnish surgeons, where you’ll be in good hands with our experts. The treatment we have for you is an investment for a good life.

Helsinki Hospital was founded in 2014 by experienced surgeons whose common dream was to build a new kind of hospital where the patient is always at the center. Our patients have rapid access to treatment, and we use the latest treatments and technologies. Our patients are treated by the leading surgeons and specialists in their field, as well as our multidisciplinary nursing staff.

Our vision is to be a private hospital where patients are treated as individuals, without delay, and always in the best possible manner. A hospital where the personnel are committed to caring for patients and where the passion of the physicians for surgery and for providing care flourishes.Esa-Pekka Pälvimäki, neurosurgeon and founding partner

Our physicians have had careers in public healthcare and have worked together over the years, treating of patients that require demanding specialist care. Our personnel have strong vision of a treatment chain that best serves the needs of patients and good customer care.

We are a fully Finnish-owned company, owned mainly by the physicians who work at the hospital. Helsinki Hospital pays taxes in Finland, and Finnish origin has also been emphasized in our selection of technology and materials.

All services under one roof

Our hospital is located on Boulevardi, in the center of Helsinki. Our physicians’ appointment, operating theaters, ward, and department of physiotherapy with its gyms are all located in the same facilities so that you could have treatment as flexibly and efficiently as possible.

We have built our hospital and services with patient comfort in mind. Our ward consists of single rooms, and you can choose the food you want to eat.

You’ll be in good hands with us. In our homely hospital, you’ll be treated by the leading surgeons and specialists in their field, as well as our experienced nurses who take care of your well-being.

We take good care of you from your very first contact with us – you’ll receive specialist advice as soon as over the phone.

The treatment we have for you is an investment in a good life. You’ll receive all the help you need from one place, and you won’t throw your money away at useless treatment.

Customer service: 09 417 00100

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