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Cleft surgery

Cleft surgery


Helsinki Hospital performs corrective surgery of cleft lip and cleft palate in a rapid and flexible manner. They are some of the most common congenital structural aberrations. In Finland, at least 100 cleft lips and palates are detected each year. An attempt is made to treat them with surgery during the first year of the child's life. A child's upbringing affects clefts and their treatment, so treatment should be timed according to the child's development and not based on the right of access to care within a guaranteed time or on waiting lists.

Clefts cause changes in a child's speech and appearance, for example. Treatment requires not just an operation but also often tubing in the middle ear and, later on, speech therapy, for example. Comprehensive treatment needs long-term, multiprofessional collaboration, which for the first time exists at Helsinki Hospital as a private service.

This is also important for neighboring countries because in Russia, for example, there is no known system for treating patients with clefts.

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