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How can I book an appointment, and can it be done online? Is the laser treatment done immediately or is there some kind of assessment appointment first? Can the treatment be done by a nurse? How laser treatment differs between a physician and a nurse? How much time should I reserve for an appointment? Here are the most common questions we receive daily about our laser treatments.

Booking an appointment

If you are booking your first appointment for laser treatment, always make an appointment with a dermatologist who is trained in laser treatments first. Dermatologist will assess your situation and suitability for laser treatment. You can book an appointment either by phone or online. An appointment usually takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Your physician will guide you later on how much time you should reserve for the actual treatment session and whether the treatment should be done with anesthetic cream.

Is the laser treatment done immediately, or is there an assessment appointment first?

If the problem of your skin can be treated with a laser, it is sometimes possible to have the treatment done during the assessment appointment. For more time-consuming treatments, an actual treatment session will be booked separately at a time that suits you, taking into account the time needed for recovery.

Can the treatment be done by a nurse?

Your physician will give you a SV3-referral, if the problem of your skin can be treated by a nurse. A referral for a nurse’s treatment is always necessary because the laser equipment we use is powerful, as demanded by the licensing authorities overseeing laser treatments. We always require a a medical reason for the laser treatments. Your physician registers in a referral, how many laser treatment sessions the referral allows, and includes a possible diagnosis in it as well.

How laser treatment differs between a physician and a nurse?

Our physicians and nurses are trained in the use of the same laser equipment in the treatment of hair loss, for example. Dermatologists trained in laser treatments have advanced and better expertise in all types of skin treatment. Your physician may take a broader view of your skin problem than laser treatment alone, prescribe medication, or recommend other alternative treatments or examinations.

Nurses can only give laser treatments prescribed by a physician. Nurses trained in the use of a laser do a lot of serial treatments for hair removal or treating toenail fungus. Laser treatments that take more time or require more sessions are also cheaper for the client.

As for other laser treatments used to treat skin tumors and vascular and skin changes caused by age, scarring, or pigmentation disorders, we want our clients to be in the hands of the most experienced and competent physicians, and thus, only our dermatologists give treatments for these problems.

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