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Maxillofacial Center

Various surgical treatments or functional repairs of injuries, post-injury disorders, and skin cancers that are located in the area of the head, face, and neck are usually performed using plastic surgical procedures.

Maxillofacial surgeries range from small, local anesthetic procedures to eight-hour surgeries, in which, for example, part of the face is rebuilt. The recovery time after facial surgery varies from day to month, depending on the size of the surgery.

Maxillofacial surgery is typically used for correcting trauma-based injuries: the patient has fallen or received a blow to the face. Jaw joint surgery, on the other hand, typically treats patients with rheumatoid arthritis or joint wear and tear for whom opening the mouth is painful.

The most challenging surgical operations on the area of the face and jaw are reconstructions of tissue defects caused by cancer surgery. In cancer surgery, healthy tissue is also removed from the tumor to prevent recurrence of the cancer, which is why tissue transplants often require the use of tissue grafts and the reconstruction of parts of the tongue, for example.

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