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Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery


Helsinki Hospital has focused on corrective and also reconstructive plastic surgery. The plastic surgeons that have been selected to work at Helsinki Hospital's Plastic Surgery Centre have a national as well as an international reputation as experts in the various areas of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgical procedures are often long and consist of a number of stages. For this reason, often the treatment is planned and the operations are carried out with more than one surgeon working in collaboration. The group of experts specialized in the patient's problem will be responsible for the treatment.

The plastic surgeons at Helsinki Hospital are also able to tend patients in need of demanding surgical procedures. These include, for example, the treatment of injuries to the face and limbs and the problems they cause afterwards, cancer patients needing surgery or congenital deformities.

Plastic surgery was originally a field of surgery developed to repair tissue defects. It began with the need to treat war wounds between the world wars. In Finland today there are around 100 plastic surgeons, the majority of whom work in corrective plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery covers a very broad area. It includes the following subgroups:

  • Corrective surgery: treatment of injuries, infections or tissue defects and functional problems following cancer treatments.
  • Trauma surgery: treatment of injuries to the face, torso or limbs, where the skin or soft tissue has been damaged, and the treatment of scars.
  • Cancer surgery: treatment of melanoma, other skin cancers, breast cancer, mouth cancer, soft tissue tumors, and many other cancers, and the treatment of tissue defects and problems following treatments.
  • Burns: treatment of burns at the initial stage and of burn scars.
  • Reconstructive surgery: treatment of problems where the tissue has developed adversely or has formed an unwelcome shape. Examples are breast reduction surgery and the treatment of loose skin following significant weight loss.
  • Deformity surgery: the treatment of congenital deformities. These include, for example, clefts, deformities of the skull, deformities of the face, and rare skin and soft tissue deformities.
  • Aesthetic surgery


Plastic surgery procedures can be used to alter the shape of the mammary gland and/or chest after congenital deformities, disease or trauma. Tissue defects or defects in shape can be corrected with implants or tissue grafts.

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Plastic surgery can be used to correct tissue defects on the perineum or the genital area caused by various malformations, trauma or diseases.

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Typical problems requiring face surgery are injuries to the face and their sequelae, cancer and functional disorders.

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Different injuries and disorders can lead to deformities, functional disturbance and chronic ulcer problems in the lower limbs, which call for surgical expertise from different fields.

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Cancer is a growth or tumor that can grow and spread in the body if it is not treated. Types of cancer differ significantly from one another, so it is important that an expert specialized in the cancer type in question is responsible for the treatment.

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Plastic surgery


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