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“Our job isn’t just to do surgeries, the patients get holistic treatment for their disorder under the same roof. We have the most experienced physiotherapists, pain management physicians, and physiotherapists working together to plan the most practical treatment options and rehabilitation progresses for a patient”, says Jyrki Törnwall, the chief physician at Helsinki Hospital.

Physiatrist’s appointment

The main goal in physiatry is to study, prevent, treat, and rehabilitate dysfunctions caused by diseases and injuries in a way that respects the patient’s working environment and life situation as a whole.

Physicians specialize in injuries and diseases of the back, neck, upper limbs, and lower limbs, pain syndromes, as well as certain injuries and diseases of the nervous tissue.

Physiotherapist’s appointment

A physiotherapist is an expert in movement, mobility, functional capacity, and rehabilitation. Whether it is a problem affecting everyday life, an ability to work, or an athlete’s return to sport, at Helsinki Hospital, we take a holistic approach in tailoring a client’s rehabilitation. The most suitable treatment is carefully selected in consultation with the client based on their individual situation and in view of their goals and needs.

Physiotherapists at Helsinki Hospital are accomplished and experienced professionals. They are qualified in the field of rehabilitation with versatile expertise in therapy. Our physiotherapists work in close cooperation with physicians and other medical personnel to ensure that our client’s treatment is as flexible as possible. A physician often refers patients to a physiotherapist, in which case Kela compensates for the treatment, but upon request, you can also ask for a physiotherapist’s assessment and advice without a referral.

Lymphatic therapist’s appointment

Lymphatic therapy is a specialized form of physiotherapy, which is used to alleviate edema caused by a variety of reasons. Lymphatic therapy reduces swelling, improves the patient’s mobility, and eases the pain resulting from a surgery or injury. In cases where lymphatic insufficiency has triggered edema, lymphatic therapy and lymphedema products are used to alleviate the swelling. Lymphatic therapy also eases pain and relaxes the body through its gentle touch. Lymphatic therapy has been a successful method for treating rheumatism, fibromyalgia, and CRPS clients. Different states of inflammation of nerve tissue and connective tissue structure can also be a signal for testing the effectiveness of lymphatic therapy.

Lymphatic therapy can be used as a treatment on its own, or in combination with other physiotherapy treatments. The light, rhythmical movements activate the lymphatic system which alleviates edema by improving the lymphatic circulation in the patient’s body. In addition to lymphatic therapy, movement therapy and various lymphedema products are also recommended for enhancing the lymphatic circulation in the body.

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