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Spinal surgery has traditionally had a bad reputation – patients are afraid of complications, slow recovery and that their back will not recover fully. Luckily, the situation has changed. When an experienced spinal surgeon performs the operation using modern mini-invasive techniques and a microscope, avoiding damage to the healthy tissue, the results of spinal surgery are among the best in the surgical field. Recovery is fast, postoperative pain is well managed and there will be no restrictions on movement: patients are usually able to walk in the evening of the day of surgery.

Spinal surgery

The latest microsurgical and mini-invasive techniques are used exclusively at Helsinki Hospital by our experienced spinal surgeons. Spinal surgery is safe and recovery is rapid. The physicians at Helsinki Hospital treat a wide variety of back pain and spinal disorders that restrict movement. The hospital offers surgical treatment from more ordinary lumbar disc and cervical disc prolapses to demanding spinal surgery.

The most common spinal disorders that demand surgical treatment include:

  • Lumbar disc prolapse, which causes radiating pain in the leg.
  • Spinal stenosis, which is particularly common among the elderly. It usually impairs the ability to walk and causes pain in the lower limbs when walking. A microsurgical procedure alleviates the pain and improves the ability to walk.
  • Vertebral displacement in the lumbar spine, which causes problematic localized pain in the lower back. This can be treated with modern bone-grafting surgical techniques.

Surgery is often not necessary – good results can also be achieved with evidence-based rehabilitation. The spinal surgeons at Helsinki Hospital always refer patients for a treatment that is best suited to their specific clinical circumstances.



The most common indications for surgery are cervical disc prolapse and cervical spinal stenosis. The most common symptom is severe pain in the neck and shoulder region and upper limbs or numbness of hands.

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The most common lumbar spine disorders requiring surgery are lumbar disc prolapse and lumbar spinal stenosis. They usually cause pain in the lower back that often radiates to the lower extremities or results in difficulties with walking.

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Chronic pain is a disorder that is primarily treated with rehabilitation and pain medication. If those do not provide sufficient relief, spinal cord stimulation can be used to alleviate the pain.

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