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Cervical spine surgery

Cervical spine surgery


The most common cervical spine disorders requiring surgery are cervical disc prolapse and cervical spinal stenosis, which often cause severe pain in the neck and shoulder region and upper limbs. In the worst-case scenario, they can also cause spinal cord injury.

Some cases will require surgery – timely treatment is important in order to avoid permanent nerve damage or spinal cord injury. The procedures are performed through small incisions using a microscope, and patients recover quickly: they are typically discharged the day after the surgery. The patients do not need to wear a collar and they can move normally.

Other cervical spine disorders that require surgical treatment may include alterations in the cervical spine due to arthritis, cancer or accidents.

The neurosurgeons at Helsinki Hospital are experienced in cervical spine surgery. The procedures are performed through small incisions using a microscope. We always select the treatment that is confirmed to be the most effective, be it rehabilitation or surgery.

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