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Neurosurgical treatment of the lumbar spine

Neurosurgical treatment of the lumbar spine


The most common indications for surgical treatment include lumbar disc prolapses and lumbar spinal stenosis. They cause pain in the lower back that often radiates to one or both of the lower extremities. They can also impair the ability to walk and cause urinary difficulties and even paralytic symptoms.

Other surgically treatable lumbar spine conditions include vertebral displacement in the lumbar spine, which causes problematic localized pain in the lower back, and alterations caused by other disorders in the lumbar spine area, including tumors.

We select the treatment that is best suited for patients with lumbar spine conditions. Patients must be treated in a timely fashion to avoid permanent damage to nerve tissue.

The multidisciplinary spinal team at Helsinki Hospital always selects the optimal treatment for a patient: rehabilitation or surgery. Helsinki Hospital’s experienced spinal surgeons utilize modern microsurgical and mini-invasive techniques to treat lumbar spine conditions. The operations are safe and recovery is rapid. Complications are very rare.

The above-mentioned conditions may also occur in the thoracic spine area. The neurosurgeons at Helsinki Hospital also treat thoracic spine conditions.

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