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Neurosurgical treatment of pain

Neurosurgical treatment of pain


Various disorders, accidents or surgical procedures may cause nerve damage leading to chronic, severe pain. It is often neuropathic pain, which is primarily treated with rehabilitation and pain medication. Sometimes this does not sufficiently relieve the pain. If this is the case, the patient may benefit from spinal cord stimulation.

In spinal cord stimulation, a small electrode is inserted into the spinal canal and delivers low-energy electrical impulses to the surface of the spinal cord. If the treatment reduces pain, a pacemaker-like pulse generator is implanted under the patient's skin, and the patient can operate it using a remote control. Spinal cord stimulation is typically used in severe, chronic pain in the upper and lower extremities.

Helsinki Hospital’s neurosurgeons rank among the most experienced, pioneering pain surgeons in Finland. Many years of experience combined with the latest technology and modern surgical techniques guarantee the best possible pain-alleviating treatment for the patient.

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