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Hernia surgery

Hernia surgery


Ventral hernia is a very common problem. One of its common forms is inguinal hernia. Hernia causes pain and discomfort and restricts life, for example exercise and sports. A hernia – protrusion through the abdominal wall – grows with time. A hernia does not heal by itself; it requires surgery.

Hernia surgery can be performed as an open or endoscopic operation. An open operation is a simple, ordinary and safe procedure that ensures rapid recovery. The operation is usually performed endoscopically if the patient has a bilateral hernia or if the hernia has recurred after a previous operation.

In modern hernia surgery, a mesh made of synthetic material is used to repair the weak abdominal wall. This technique avoids tightening of the patient's own tissue and circulatory impairment. Recurrence of the hernia is rare after modern hernia surgery.

In addition to inguinal hernia in the inguinal canal, common types of hernia include umbilical hernia, paraumbilical hernia and postoperative hernia. Treating them is essentially the same as for inguinal hernia but more patient-specific.

After hernia surgery, the length of the temporary disability varies according to the type of hernia, the method used, and the patient’s profession. For inguinal hernia, it is generally between one and several weeks.

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