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Surgical Cancer Center

Cancer is a growth or tumor that can grow and spread in the body if left untreated. However, cancers differ significantly from each other. While some cancers are benign and grow slowly, others grow rapidly and have usually spread widely at the time of their detection.

The treatment of cancer is one of the most intensively developed areas of medicine and, due to modern techniques, most cancers can be treated with good results. Most cancer patients lead a normal life after the cancer has been found and treated, and many cancers can even be cured with surgery and adjuvant therapy. To ensure successful treatment, it must be started immediately. In Finland, the quality of cancer treatment is among the best in Europe and the world.

The treatment of cancer involves of specialists, nurses specialized in cancer treatment, and rehabilitation therapists. As types of cancer differ significantly from one another, it is important that the patient is always treated by specialists in the cancer type in question.

As the treatment methods are constantly changing, continual training is required to keep abreast of the latest scientific knowledge. For this reason, it is a fundamental principle at Helsinki Hospital that a cancer patient’s treatment should always be referred to experts in treatment of the cancer detected in the patient. Furthermore, the treatment of cancer must usually involve collaboration between experts in more than one field. Each expert knows how to plan treatment from his or her own perspective, and the choice of treatment methods must be planned together.

Treatment at Helsinki Hospital is planned and carried out collaboratively by a multi-professional group: pathologists and cancer physicians (oncologists) are involved, as well as other specialists as required, such as plastic surgeons, jaw/chin surgeons, ear specialists, eye specialists, neurosurgeons, abdominal organ surgeons, and gynecologists. We offer cancer diagnosis and treatment in collaboration with our partner clinic, Docrates Cancer Center.

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Kirurgian ja vatsaelinkirurgian erikoislääkäri
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Dosentti, kirurgian ja plastiikkakirurgian erikoislääkäri
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