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Wound Care Center

Wound Care Center


The ulcer clinic is a team of multidisciplinary experts who provide comprehensive treatment of chronic ulcers and ulcers that are difficult to heal.

Chronic ulcers are a significant public health and economic problem. They are estimated to consume approximately 5% of the total healthcare budget in developed countries. An incurable ulcer is often both a functional and psychosocial burden to the patient.

In practice, chronic ulcers include, for example, diabetes-related foot ulcers, lower extremity ulcers of circulatory origin, pressure ulcers, and ulcer problems following various rare diseases or surgical procedures. Diabetes-related ulcers, pressure ulcers, and lower extremity ulcers of circulatory origin make up over 80% of all chronic ulcers.

The aim of the ulcer clinic is to meet the need for care seamlessly, without the patient having to wait for surgery, and using techniques based on the latest information. The clinic's operations are based on a multidisciplinary approach that aims to investigate and treat the underlying causes of an ulcer first. Next, the patient is given individually tailored treatment to close the ulcer permanently using conservative or surgical methods. Once the ulcer has healed, we plan foot treatment based on the cause of the ulcer, to prevent its recurrence.


Diabetes is related to various complications, of which foot ulcers require the most days of hospital care. Prevention is of utmost importance in the treatment of foot ulcers.

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As many as one in ten patients in inpatient wards have a pressure ulcer or tissue damage predictive of an ulcer. Long-term immobilization exposes the bony prominences of the body to pressure ulcers.

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Venous insufficiency is the most common cause of leg ulcers. Chronic lower extremity ulcers can be treated with plastic surgery provided that the underlying blood circulation disturbance can also be improved sufficiently.

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All surgical procedures carry a risk of wound-healing complications. The most common complications include hematoma, infection, wound rupture, tissue necrosis at the edges of a wound and seroma.

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Wound care center


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