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The Wound Center is formed by a multidisciplinary team of experts who treat a variety of chronic ulcers and ulcers that are difficult to heal holistically.

Chronic ulcers are a major problem for public health as well as being an economic burden. They are estimated to consume up to 5 percent of the total healthcare budget of developed economies. An incurable ulcer is often both a functional and psychosocial burden to the patient.

Chronic wounds include diabetic foot ulcers, lower extremity ulcers of circulatory origin, pressure ulcers, and ulcer problems following various rare diseases or surgical procedures. Diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, and lower extremity ulcers make up over 80 percent of all chronic ulcers.

The Wound Center aims to answer the need for a seamless treatment by using the latest advancements in its methods and without the need for queueing. The Center’s operations are based on a multi-profession approach that first seeks to identify and treat the underlying causes of an ulcer. Then an individual treatment is selected to close the ulcer permanently by using conservative or surgical methods. Once the ulcer has healed, we prepare a pedicure to tackle the causes of the wound and prevent the wound from recurring.

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